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Go Workshop

We recently held a workshop here at Venntro to introduce some of the team to Go. All the resources are freely available, so maybe it can help you too?

Tim Blair Tim Blair


  • golang
  • learning
  • beginner

Effects of small changes

Small changes to UX can have large impacts. Matthew gives a brief overview of how removal of a simple "new" flag on the homepage dramatically affected traffic to one of our popular features.

Matthew Moore Matthew Moore


  • graphs
  • user experience

Tech Talk: An Introduction to Go

The popularity of Go has been rising radpidly recently. In this tech talk, Tim gives us an overview of the key elements of the language including types, concurrency model and primitives, and the ecosystem and tooling.

Tim Blair Tim Blair


  • go
  • golang
  • programming
  • introduction

Hack Day 3: The Liveblog

After the pitches in London last week, today the whole team are together in the Windsor office for the third Hack Day. Stay tuned for live updates as the day progresses and everyone's early morning smiles turn to panic stricken thousand yard stares the closer the demos get.

Sam Barnes Sam Barnes


  • hackday
  • liveblog

Build your own Yum repository

A summary of how to build and manage your own Yum repository to get around the challenges of packages being removed, or, to tie specific versions and easier upgrade paths.

Ian Winter Ian Winter


  • yum
  • packagemanagement
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