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By: Sam


We use a fair few web apps to help us do our jobs in the Global Personals development team. One of them is a time tracking tool called Tickspot. It enables us to log the amount of time we are spending on specific project tasks and then see if we are within budget.

In addition to Tickspot we also spend a lot of our time with Google Apps. What would be really handy is if we could be reminded of our progress on projects at a glance without context switching so frequently.

Introducing the Tickspot Google Gadget

And so an idea was born…

This simple but effective Google Gadget can be embedded in Google Sites or your iGoogle homepage and displays progress of currently active projects from Tickspot. Green bars mean on track, red bars mean over budget… we don’t like seeing red bars!

From a technical standpoint it works by fetching data about currently open budgeted projects through the Tickspot API.

We grab the XML data via a HTTP get request passing the user/pass credentials as specified in the user settings pane. The XML is then parsed, hours totalled, percentages worked out, and HTML constructed ready to display pretty bars to the end user.

Get the Tickspot Google Gadget

In the interests of open source we’ve published the Tickspot Gadget on GitHub. Use it to your heart's content and if you are feeling adventurous please do fork and update as you see fit.

To embed it directly in your Google homepage or a Google Sites page copy the following address into the gadget url box:

Finding out more

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