Farewell Martin, welcome Mat and Tom

By: Barry


It’s with a heavy heart that today we bid a fond farewell to our departing development manager, Martin Sadler. Martin joined us just over two years ago as a Rails developer before stepping up to lead the dev team that has now grown to 12 under his tutelage. He leaves to take up a great new position at a company a little bit closer to his Lincolnshire home. Unflappable, dependable, reliable and with a cheeky sense of humour, we’ll miss Martin. Good luck, Minty!

A sad week is balanced, however, with the exciting arrivals of Mat Sadler and Tom Giddings to the department. Mat is joining our engineering team while Tom is a fresh recruit to the development team. Hot on the heels of June’s arrivals, with our new additions we’re beginning to accelerate with some major new projects across the WLD platform this summer.

Furthermore, next Wednesday we’re going to be joined by our new Project Manager, Sam Barnes, who will be bringing a wealth of project management thinking and experience to the company. Sam’s insightful blog post about his journey from different sized agencies through to his new role with us is worth a read.

And if you’re interested in joining our new guys, take a look at our jobs page and get in touch.

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