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By: Jason


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Hiring great people is one of the most important objectives for any business, but also one of the biggest challenges. It can mean success or failure, especially for growing companies. We’re lucky to have hired some exceptional developers and engineers since we started, but it’s not been easy and we’re constantly battling to recruit.

We’re not alone in this struggle. Many other technology companies in London and the South-East of England compete against banks and corporates with deep pockets and high profiles. Graduates and others fresh to the industry can be quickly seduced by university milkround pitches or lavish recruitment budgets of large companies.

This Sunday 30th October , however, some of the leading UK tech startups — including globaldev — are fighting back by grouping together at the second Silicon Milkroundabout recruitment fair at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. Targeted at computer science graduates, the event aims to attract hundreds of bright developers to meet with and raise awareness of exciting local startups.

The first Silicon Milkroundabout attracted over 900 developers for 45 startups and 200 jobs. This time 100 startups offering over 500 jobs so we expect it to be even more popular!

We’re one of the top sponsors and will be bringing along RossJasonJim, Tom, and Barry to meet attendees. We’re looking for Ruby software engineers and Ruby on Rails developers to join the team in Windsor (or remote) to help us expand quickly over the next few months and work on a series of new web, mobile and social projects. We’ll also be bringing some swag/goodies and special offers for people we sign-up, interview, employ and who make it through their 3-month probation!

Register to attend or find out more.

If you’re attending come say hello at our booth. If you can't make it but you’re interested in one of our vacancies we’d still love to hear from you so get in touch.

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