Our development manager is certifiable!

By: Pete


  • Appcelerator
  • TCAD
  • Titanium

TCAD CertificationWe suspected Jason Kneen, our Development Manager was certifiable but now he's provided it by passing his exams becoming a Titanium Certified App Developer (or TCAD).

Titanium is a mobile development platform by Appcelerator that enables developers to write native applications in JavaScript for multiple devices running operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows 7 Mobile and Blackberry.

Developers can write a single code-base in JavaScript and, target each platform independently supporting unique platform features like touch, keyboards and hardware buttons. As a result applications can be produced in days instead of weeks, and proof-of-concepts in a few hours.

The final apps can be deployed to the relevant distribution channels such as the AppStore or Google Marketplace and behave exactly like standard, native applications.

Great news and really valuable as we move forward with our mobile strategy.

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