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By: Tim


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After the fantastic success of last year's BarCamp London, it didn't take us long to decide to sponsor this year's event, to be held at City University in Clerkenwell. We love the idea of unconferences, so we've decided this year to up our contribution to the event and go in as the primary sponsor. So when you're grabbing a cool beer (or BCL Cocktail™) on the Saturday night from the globaldev-sponsored bar, think of us as you're doing it!

For those people wondering just what this BarCamp thing is, there's a good introduction to BarCamps and what happens at the events for those new to the concept on the BCL site, or a basic synopsis is as follows:

A BarCamp is an open, free-to-attend, participatory unconference. Unconferences differ from conferences in that the schedule is created and filled by the attendees, with everyone running a session or talk about whatever subject they have a passion for. From Cocktail Making to Thermodynamics for Beginners, Arduino Hacking to Photography, BarCamps attract people from all sorts of backgrounds from creative to technical, and stimulate discussion, comment and education outside of attendees spheres of experience.

This is just one small way in which we're attempting to give back to the UK development community that we've been a part of for so long. In addition to the sponsorship, we're aiming to have a number of the team there on the weekend presenting, talking, hacking and learning along with everyone else.

For now, it's down to work coming up with something to match our awesome Werewolf cards from last year's attendee swag bag...

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