Celebrating our first year in London

By: Barry


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A year ago today we officially opened the company’s London office, just opposite Waterloo Station. Starting off with six developers and engineers who were previously working in our Windsor office, we’ve now more than doubled in size.

A key reason for opening the office was making it easier to attract London-based staff or those who would find it difficult to get to our headquarters in Windsor. With easy access from across the South-East, we now have staff travelling in from across London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

In May 2012, following Global Personals’ acquisition of Woowise, we were joined by Marcus, James, Gordon and Jeff, swelling our numbers to thirteen. Matching the facilities in Windsor, the team enjoy Friday bacon sandwiches, a fridge with cans of soft drinks and of course the Xbox 360 for post-work games.

It’s a great location with excellent views across London and we expect to keep adding to our numbers in London throughout 2013 and beyond.

So happy first birthday to us! Here’s to the next 12 months in London.

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