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EuRuKo 2013

Way back around the start of April this year I drafted a proposal for a talk I’d begun preparing on Celluloid and JRuby. Mostly gleaned from my findings in applying both technologies to an innovative Global Dev scammer detection solution due to launch shortly on our White Label Dating platform.

With some trepidation I then submitted my proposal to the innovative EuRuKo 2013 CfP. EuRuKo have this year chosen to employ the same CfP system as pioneered by the UK’s own Ruby Manor conference - Vestibule.


Vestibule is an open source application for fielding anonymous conference proposals. The main premise being that anonymous proposals encourage inclusion, and a level playing field for potentially lesser-known speakers. Once a proposal is submitted, the community can help shape and refine the synopsis and points of discussion, all the while preserving anonymity of the originator.

EuRuKo’s process was phased into two rounds with progression through the process based on public voting, number of views, number of comments, social network mentions and refinements made throughout the process. You can see their thorough explanation here.


I was pleased to learn my proposal had made it through the first stage of over 90 initial submissions and into the shortlist of 30 proposals. Subsequently after a further voting round I learned my proposal had been ranked sixth by the community thus cementing my spot at EuRuko 2013! To think I’ll be sharing a stage with Matz - the creator of Ruby, is seriously scary and exciting in equal measure.

Hopefully I’ll see you in Athens, and I hope to both educate and entertain with my talk entitled: Achieving zomgscale with Celluloid and JRuby

Thanks go out to Global Dev for sponsoring my attendance and making this possible.

If you’re a Ruby engineer, regardless if you’re an accomplished speaker or just a happy tinkerer, you could join us. We’re hiring and have openings in both our Windsor and London offices. We will also happily consider remote positions for the right candidates. So get in touch!

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