Tech Talk: Computational Photography

By: Kevin


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Last year I rekindled my love of photography by purchasing a new digital camera and taking a course in studio photography. The course covered taking the pictures but left us to our own devices with regards to creating a final image in Photoshop or Lightroom. This year when I saw that Coursera were offing a course on Computational Photography I thought it sounded interesting and signed up.

The course was surprising from several points of view. From taking pictures round corners to the innovative Lytro Light Field camera, it is amazing how computing and mathematics has changed photography in recent years.

In this talk I cover a quick summary of two of the topics from the course: how to merge two photos and how find the common elements in two overlapping photos. I was interested to find that Fast Fourier Transforms could be used in both.

If you are into programming and photography you might also enjoy Georgia Tech’s free online Computational Photography course.

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