Tech Talk: OO AntiPatterns

By: Darren


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This year I gave a presentation at Scotch On The Rocks on ColdFusion Anti Patterns. Although I used CFML for the code examples at Scotch, the talk itself was fairly generic in its content, and focussed on Object Oriented design practices which are commonplace but considered by some to be… undesirable.

In the field of object orientated software design, how-tos and what-fors are subjective and controversial topics, much like any other creative practice. Through widespread usage and academic analysis, techniques and best practices emerge which are categorised as Design Patterns. Sometimes patterns emerge that are widespread, even though they are seemingly counter to certain accepted design principles. These patterns are commonly described as Anti Patterns.

The Anti Patterns I cover in this tech talk are Singletons, Base Beans, and MVC specific Anti Patterns - Fat Controllers and Clever Views. In another exciting episode I hope to cover some other Anti Patterns such as Anaemic Domains, Layering, Accessors (getters & setters). And maybe take an Anti Pattern stab at ORM.

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