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Simon Bingham
Simon Bingham

In September 2013 I joined the Global Personals Development Team as a remote worker. I’ve now been with the Company for three months and the time seems to have flown by. Sam Barnes (Development Team Manager) asked me to write about my experience as a new starter with a particular emphasis on what it’s like to be a remote worker, so here goes!

I live in Exeter with my wife and two daughters. For the last ten years I’ve worked for local web agencies building small to medium sized websites. Although I enjoyed my work, I had begun to feel it was time for a new challenge, so, when I discovered that Global Personals were hiring, I applied. Following Skype chats with Tim Blair (Architect) and Sam I was invited to Windsor for an interview. I must have made a good impression because I received a job offer whilst driving home to Devon.

Different considerations apply when making the decision to work from home rather than in a traditional office environment. Most important is that you have somewhere to work without distraction and a good internet connection. Unfortunately there was no space in my house so, with the help of my dad, I spent the week before I started at Global Personals converting part of my garage into an office. It was hard work, but I now have a great space in which to work.

My first week at Global Personals was spent at the head office in Windsor. It would have been impossible to learn everything there was to know about the platform in a week. However, the team were extremely helpful and, by the time I returned home to Devon, I had met the team, had a good understanding of the business, had a virtual machine running on my MacBook and had begun familiarising myself with the codebase.

The biggest concern I had about working remotely was that I would feel isolated from the team and wouldn’t be able to get support when I needed it. Fortunately my fears proved unfounded due to the myriad of tools Global Personals use to keep the team connected. As I write this article I have instant messaging, Campfire, Skype and Sqwiggle applications running, meaning I never feel disconnected from the team.

I’ve spent my first few months working on a variety of tickets which has been a great way of learning the codebase. However, this month I will be joining a Sprint team which should be fun and will undoubtedly be another opportunity to collaborate and learn.

I’m very much looking forward to my future at Global Personals.

If you’re interested in joining Global Personals check out our vacancies page, we’re hiring.

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