Tech Talk: Cross-Platform Game Development - Choosing a Game Engine

By: Kevin


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I recently started exploring game development in my spare time, picking up where I left off a number of years ago when I almost went into the games industry before taking a different course. This renewed interest was partly the result of the resurgence of the indie game scene in recent years and my desire to use my coding skills to build the types of games I wanted to play.

This talk covers part of my research into a selection of affordable off-the-shelf game engines currently available to indie developers, interspersed with images of guinea pigs. The range of options available to someone who wants to get into game development can often be overwhelming and confusing, so by gathering together some of the more popular options, along with some slightly leftfield alternatives, I hope to pass some of my curiosity and enthusiasm on to other would-be game creators.

The following engines, frameworks and languages are mentioned during this talk:

3D Game Engines

2D Game Engines

Drag & Drop Engines

Flash Game Engines

Cross-Platform Languages

Java Game Engines

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