Tech Talk: From West End theatre to coding everyday

By: Josh


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Last year I changed career and became a beginner again. As one of the first junior developers at globaldev my colleagues were curious about how I made the change.

After hitting a glass ceiling in the theatre industry I resolved to change course. When I met Evgeny Shadchnev, co-founder of Makers Academy, I was convinced that I could learn how to code in 12 weeks.

At Makers Academy I learnt much more than I expected! It turns out that there’s a lot more to being a developer than code. The wonderful teachers at Makers continue to inspire me today. I’m very thankful to them for giving me such a good foundation and showing me new ways to think.

I feel like I’ve landed on my feet at globaldev. The whole team has welcomed me and I’m especially thankful to some of the more senior developers – Paul Bowsher, Michael Mazour, Jason Lambert and Mat Sadler – for answering my questions carefully.

Changing career was worth the hard work. I love facing the new challenges, playing with ideas and the environment of mutual respect. Oh, and the new toys…retina MacBooks are beautiful :o)

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