Tech Talk: Dev meets dance

By: Kriselda Rabino


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Picture the scene: you have a Fantastic Idea™ for a product, and spend time dreaming up the perfect feature set and technology stack for your magical Project X. Two years later, with nothing to show for it, someone mentions to you in passing that it would be fantastic if there was something that could do X for the dance event they were running just two weeks later. You kick yourself.

When I’m not coding away with the dev team, you’ll find me spinning around London’s active social dance scene. Over the years, I’ve observed many similarities between my two lives, and am currently working on a side project to bring the benefits of live social feeds and realtime slideshows, commonly used in the tech world, over to my dance community.

This is the story of how a two year old idea went from nothing to “in production” in just two weeks by following the practices of agile and lean development: what’s the simplest thing I can do that will work?

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