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By: Tim


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I recently ran a workshop on Go which was attended by a number of our developers here at Venntro, as well as a few of the members of Women Hack For Non-Profits.

Deciding what to cover was tough in itself, given the time constraints, but I had some excellent input from Bill Kennedy who was generous enough to spend an hour with me thinking about it. The workshop itself was split in to three main sections — the basics, object-oriented development, and concurrency – and within each section I talked over a number of examples, and finished each sub-section with a hands-on exercise.

Attentive listening at the workshop

To make sure everyone attending had the chance to review what we’d covered during the workshop, I published all the content on GitHub, including all written details, code examples, exercises and sample solutions to those exercises. This repo is open to anyone who’d like to use it, and I’ve released it all under a CC-SA licence, so you can use it in whatever context you like.

Other than being a lot of work to put together (I think about 40 hours in total), the 3-hour session was great fun, and the feedback I got from all participants was that they both enjoyed it and learned from it. I can’t really ask for any more than that!

The slide deck I used during the workshop is available on Speaker Deck, and is embedded below for your browsing pleasure:

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