Team Day, June 2017 - Linux workshop and lightning talks

By: Chris


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We work as a distributed development team with people located in our London office, Windsor office, remotely around the UK and in New Zealand. This means most of our conversations happen over Slack or Google Hangouts. However every 2-3 months we like to gather the team together in one place for a Team Day. This is a great opportunity to share some knowledge and get to know each other in the real world too.

Linux workshop

This time our Lead Engineer Jason suggested running a Linux workshop with the aim to provide

  • a refresher on some everyday Linux things
  • a deeper understanding of the systems our software runs on
  • confidence to go and try things out
  • confidence to ask questions.

The workshop began with an introduction to Linux as an OS, covering Shell and everyday Bash commands to handle:

  • files & directories
  • permissions
  • reading & searching within files

It also covered the use of:

  • I/O Redirection
  • Executable files
  • Pipes
  • Processes - and how to kill them
  • Environment variables
  • Services - checking status, starting, stopping
  • Package Management - yum

Each section was followed by a few exercises to help us learn the commands and techniques discussed.

This was a really useful workshop even for those who use Linux daily. Everyone learnt a new trick or two to take away and try. The complete workshop slides are available below:

Lightning talks and demos

We also ran a few lightning talks which covered

  • the challenges of integrating with a new payment provider
  • configuring and using Travis CI
  • a demo of our latest White Label Dating Design Tool that allows our partners to easily create high performing secure landing pages
  • UX talks inspired by our recent visit to UX London 2017 covering:
    • JTBD - Jobs to be done framework
    • The Future of UX Design

Game show finale

The day was rounded off with a company-wide “Game Show” to raise money for the Papyrus charity. Our three directors took on teams of three employees answering general knowledge questions - Eggheads style - until one “super” team remained.

Needless to say, we enjoy working here so we let the directors win!

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